My 1st attempt with Water....C&C WELCOMED.


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Sep 15, 2010
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Ontario Canada
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Went hiking yesterday beleive it or not in the middle of Large city and here are some photo's i Captured.

I actually do like these ;)

Please tell me if they are still looking grainy.








Thank you.
ps Can someone please tell me how you delete your own posts?
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i can't see OBVIOUS grain, but it's hard to tell on here because they are small.. not sure how they'd look wehn you blow them up... but remember, a grainy picture is better than no picture at all

Mike Leggero
Rather a lot of images on which to provide individual C&C. For future reference, could you pls number images to make replying easier?

1. Nice composition and colours, however I would suggest cropping the brush off of the RH side as it doesn't really fit. The image does seem a bit noisy and slightly soft. I would consider some levels/curves adjustments to bright the dark areas on the upper faces.

2. This is one case where I think centering the subject isn't a bad idea. Unfortunately the large dark areas detract significantly from the image. I would also suggest a longer exposure time to really get that soft, feathery water. Say >2 seconds.

3. Much nicer water in this one, but again a really extreme dynamic range. I think the key to this one would have been to shoot as an HDR. Definitely excess noise here.

4. Good, however too much deep shadow image left. Ideally the subject should have been wearing brighter clothes to contrast with the dark rocks. A slightly longer exposure time would have helped the water as well.

5. An interesting scene, and I think there are some good photos to be had, but the blown sky and rocks below really take away. Perhaps concentrate on the area right at your feet with the leaves going over the fall?

6. Very nice; perhaps some minor levels/curves tweaks and a leveling.

7. --

Some nice images; I would strongly recommend getting a polarizing filter as that will take your images from okay to very nice in one step. Keep up the good work.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

#4 the woman is being drowned out by the waterfall in the back. Needs fill light/up the exposure/down the reds.
I like the sixth photo.

@MohaimenK LOL.

MohaimenK:p:p:p @ you lol..

Thank you so much for the feed back...I am wondering if some of the noise caused is when i reduce these images for the forum? Is there a certain way i should be doing this?...They allways look better when i put them on on my comp for the 1st time..It seems when i down size them to post on the forum they degrade some what of that makes any sence.

I will in Future try to post just one or two if it easier.
I don't think uploading to the forum gave you that much noise. What ISO were you shooting at?

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