My 1st pics on a SLR


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Nov 12, 2007
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Can others edit my Photos
Photos OK to edit I have no idea what I'm doing (just got my camera yesterday)... but it's fun! The landscapes shots are intentional...the ones of my girls I was just snapping away randomly trying out different settings.

Let me know how I'm doing so far...(nicely)

Looking out my side door. I cropped this one and made the sky a little more blue....


My front yard...just made the sky bluer...



I know this one is kinda fuzzy but I like her expression...


Sorry for the boogies and drool...just thought it was cute and loved how blue her eyes are...I didn't edit this one.

Good shots for first pics. The blue eyes are great in the last one but I could have done with out the boogers......
A great start....

My first tip for you is to concentrate on what it is you are taking pictures of.

What I mean is this... people are longer than they are wide, so often the first we need to learn as photographers is to turn the camera vertical.

Since you say your pictures are OK to edit, I am going to show you what I mean...

The first picture shows a "rule of thirds" grid to give you an idea of where the elements of your baby's face would be using one of the "standard" rules of composition... the second is the actual crop that I did.

Obviously, the crops are a bit too tight to really knock the ball out of the park compositionally, but they might give you an idea of what I am saying... what we care about is baby in this picture, not the horizontal space surrounding the baby.

Just a thought.

Have fun with your new camera!


for the first seems to me like your right leg is shorter than the

(straighten them)
the rule of thirds also applies to landscapes

have the horizon ilne 2/3rds of the way down or 1/3rds of the way down

makes a more balanced picture

theres a really detailed and complicated explanation to the rule of thirds, but i wont go itno that. its just inherent in nature and everything with it seems to look better

that being said, you dont always have to follow rules.

but in the case of the first 2 shots i think it would have been better if you had
Thank you all for the tips! I know I need to learn alot more but just wanted to share my first ones.

I'll be
Hey welcome to the forum :) I'm also in Virginia.

Thanks Amber. What part?.... I'm outside Richmond.


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