My 2 year old son


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Sep 16, 2009
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Waterford MI
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Here is my little guy having little fun in a puddle the other day. C&C welcomed and encouraged
A nice capture! Your subject is getting a bit lost in the background highlights at the top of the frame though.
Burning the midtones and highlights at the top and darkening the mailbox would help the subject stand out more and make these elements less of a distraction.

Nice shot except for the mailbox. Sleist has fixed it for you. Perhaps he will clone out the dark branch reflection in the lower left as well.
Thank you sleist, I like it. For some reason I am always chasing the little guy and when I feel I have a shot I take it and then dont notice the background. Its something I have been wanting to pay attention to but always miss it. I need to have that tattooed on my finger look around first.

Thanks for the edit I will work on that fromt he raw file and see if I can get it as good as yours.
Nice image! Good reflection, with some action from the water ripples. Almost anyone can relate to this image... what kid has not run through a puddle like that! Personally I would clone out the mailbox, and other distractions... just to pr more emphasis on the water and the boy. Sleist's edit is an improvement... nice!

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