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May 10, 2003
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I've always been fascinated by the water drop pictures but never really tried myself. It also seems to be a popular topic on the forum. So I tried it.
I am convinced that when you learn to do something from the bottom up, from scratch, the hard way, the learning experience has no equal. I still enjoy using my 20 years old Pentax K-1000 but that's another story. :)
Back to the water drops. Before attempting any special setups I tried these very simple: Jpeg (not raw), handheld, manual flash, pushing ISO to 400. Manual exposure set at 1/180s @ f18. They are a bit noisy. Next time I'll start working with multiple lights, tripod and maybe some color. The tile behind the faucet is white. That's why it looks like blown highlights.
Anyway, on to the pics. I hope you like them. Of course C&C are welcome.








Important lesson learned: You don't need 1/1000+ shutter speeds as I thought.
I would also like to try the famous milk crown but that's another topic :)

The pictures are kinda low-quality but my guess's that you're just testing.
I like pic 2 its by far the best!
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I really like the last one... but I agree about the faucet... Somehow, you need to get that out of the picture, or at least, keep it from being one of the main focal points..

Keep at it .!.!.! :thumbup:
I think the drops themselves are a great start. I do not however like the dirty faucet in the photo. There are many other controled ways to take these kinds of photos. Set up a black, white, or whatever color background you want. Use a ziplock baggy hanging from just about anything and poke a hole in the corner of it with a straight pin. If you want to catch the drip coming off of something, then obviously a ziplock is not attractive either. Therefore drip the water onto whatever your heart desires. Its a fun setup and shoot really, and the sky is the limit to creativity. You can also play with different subjects to reflect in the drops as well. Like I said, great start though!

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