My best friend.


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Jul 13, 2010
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This is a picture of my best friend Caroline. She's SO photogenic. As her friend said, you point a camera at her and you're guaranteed a good photo. :p
What do you think? It's unedited.

well the picture itself is over exposed i think. Could be more in focus. Love the foliage background.
The girl. ADORABLE. Such a cute, playful pose. Almost reminds me of some vintage model...i absolutely love her outfit and the shot really emphasizes on her long legs.

i like the shot, but I agree it would've been better closer up. The background seems distracting to me.
I like the shot as is except she's too centered. I think she should had more of the frame in front of her.

Question: Is she even allowed to dress like that in Turkey?
Thanks for the suggestions, yeah, it was super sunny and hot that day. I was actually using her camera, so didn't really know how to adjust anything.

Of course we're allowed to wear it in Turkey!

Right about the more off centre ness. It would be cool to kind of follow where her camera is pointing.
Ohh, I see. She is pretty! But yeah, The shot is more emphasizing her outfit, but some face in there would have been nice. :)

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