My crazy border collie


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Jun 27, 2013
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Spent some time this afternoon taking some shots of my border collie Zoey. Here she is playing fetch with her favourite toy.

$Zoey at play.jpg
She really doesn't stop, but we love her to bits.
Love it :) Where did you get that frisbee/ whatever that is?! Looks like my brown Border would really enjoy it!
My next dog is either a Border or a Koolie long it's a merle herder!
Ah, those rare shots of the crazed eyes... Perhaps the funniest of pet photography. Nicely done!
Thanks for the kind words everyone.

@yv0nne - I'm not sure what the frizbee is called. It's great though and it's very durable so she can't chew it to pieces which she loves doing. You can see closeups of it in this video.

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That is an awesome video ahahah I see your Border suffers from the stereotypical Border problem ..runs a circle before bringing anything back to you! Too cute :) I'll keep an eye out for that toy!

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