My dog playing at the beach


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Jul 20, 2013
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Beginner here...
Took this yesterday
Was really hard to get the right settings on the camera and I think I still had them wrong. I auto'd ISO...f.s 8
I attempted editing but I dunno...I think I've got it alllll wrong! (A product of someone who doesn't know what they're doing)
Can anyone advise?

EDIT - Camera is a Canon EOS 600D
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What I do If I am in a situation I am unsure of is, set the camera to Aperture Priority. Then based on the size of the subject I set it and shoot. Take a look at the picture and the settings that the camera used. Most times I set the ISO to 100 on a nice sunny day. I always keep the ISO as low as possible, and the shutter speed faster than I am zoomed. May be the wrong way about doing things but it works for me. If I am in a setting I am unsure of and want to stay in Manual I take a few test shots before I go for the shot Im looking for.

Aside from all that you have a good looking dog.
look ok to me nice dog by the way love shepherds.
i took some of my shepherd in a river if i remember i used shutter priority at 1/500 iso 200 and they came out ok for me.


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Welcome to the forum. You will get all kinds of input and critique here, sometimes even if you don't ask for it :sexywink: . As far as what you are doing right or not, my first suggestion to new photographers is to read your manual very, very carefully. If you have a yard (if not, a local park will suffice), take your manual and an easy chair and sit out in the yard and take the manual, read it and as you work through it, take some images that allow you to explore the various features of your new camera. You didn't say what you have, so it is difficult to give explicit advice. Search the web for forums related to your camera and see what you can learn from them. Most major manufacturers have forums that give very reasonable training on the various features of their cameras.

Do some web searches on composition and learn about things like "rule of thirds" and other elements of composition. For example, in your posted image, you have cropped off the front feet of your dog. This is not usually a good thing to do in these types of images.

Any other questions, post in the appropriate forum here and I am sure that you will get all kinds of opinions/answers. Hope this helps.

Yes, I was so gutted about the front feet. I loved how the sea and sky merge with barely any horizon showing. It was the only shot I got like it, where the only things thatstood out were my dog and the water ripples by his feet.
I think I'll take him to the beach again tomorrow or Thursday for another go :)

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