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My first "Accomplishment" as it were. I'm thrilled!!


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Apr 22, 2009
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Lexington NC
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I've shown this photo before in these forums, and perhaps web pics certainly don't do a photo print justice but I really wanted to share this story with some of you guys, as I am really proud of it anyway.

The picture below I took like a week after getting my Sony A200. This was a morning shot of the water towers. As I do work for the company, as a plant operator I sent this photo into the main office in case they could find a use for it. I found out today that they've used it. They have two huge 3 ft prints. One they're hanging down here in our plant where I work, and the other I assume will be dispalyed up at our main office. But this saturday evening they're having their 40th Aniversery dinner. This photo is, for lack of a better discription, they're using as their 40th Aniversery photo. Now they've added a title at the bottom that I don't have here because I sent them the edited raw. I'm sure those guys know more about editing and processing photos then I do but it will displayed at the dinner for all to see!

All our board members, attending employees, and the mayor of thomasville called today asking about this dinner so I really don't know who all will be there but I'm getting the feeling that it will be a fairly sizeable event and they're showing this photo as they're 40th aniversery picture. No money is involved but thats not why I did it and for me its a big accomplishment. I'm not sure why I felt like I had to post about it, but I wanted to tell someone. I'll have to find out how they processed that picture the way they did. My general manager called and told me that he really liked this picture and that I did a great job on it. Not bad for being lucky I thought. I'm just excited that it was good enough to be taken as seriously as it was. Not a cover shot for a major magazine, but still... a big thing for this very new photographer.

Congrats, that's a great looking shot....:cheers:
Congrats! So did they do post processing to it or did you? It's a nice shot either way.
That's a great story and congrats! Maybe they'll get you a new lens for next time ;)
Well I havn't seen it yet but as far as i've been told its my editing (which concsisted of saturation, exposure, and hue adustjments). That pic you see here is mine and mine alone. They took the raw, which had the adjustments applied to it before I sent it and printed some really big freaking photos of it. But I do not know if they did any more processing to it, which I do want to know and if they did, I'd like to ask what and why, for my own knowledge. Although I won't be asking at the dinner lol.

I do know they added a title at the bottom, something like "Davidson Water Inc, 40th Aniversery" or something to that effect. But I believe thats about all they did other then blowing it up to like 3' across. But I havn't seen it yet. But the picture you see is exactly what I sent up there.

I admit, its a strange thing to learn to quit over-analyzing your photos, which i'm way far guilty off. People tell me all the time, what the heck are you talking about, I don't these errors your talking about.

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