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my first attempt at IR


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Oct 23, 2007
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here is A shot of my car from today
this is the first infrared image I have made

Nice shot. Although I find live vegetation and people make the best subjects for IR. It really shines in spring/summer landscapes, IMO.
It's a pretty interesting effect, here...but leaves something to be desired...as the car barely reflects any IR your way. Maybe longer exposure would help a bit.
The IR comes across okay but for me the background doesn't work well, too busy and the light dropoff towards the rear of the car also bothers me. The strongest IR results from the light at your back.
somehow this doesnt shout IR to me. Is that grass behind the car? And if it is, shouldnt it be whiter then it is now. Also, the haloing thing in the tree looks a bit wierd.
Cool car though :)

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