my first attempt...Please c&c



ok hopefully this will work. I am sorry. I am still learning.
Welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new as well but I will try to give some c&c. I just hope what I'm telling you is correct :D
I find the background to be distracting, taking focus off the bride. Especially the candles located so close to her head. Maybe you could have repositioned her to avoid this, or just blurred the background. Also the photo looks very yellow(maybe do to the lighting in the church), I think this may have to do with the white balance. If you shot in RAW you could change that in PP but I believe in JPEG you have to set it in camera.

Well those are my comments/advice. I hope they are right & I hope they help. I'm sure you will get some more feedback from more experienced people though too.
The color one definitely has more potential than the B&W. I would've gone for a tighter crop on the subject and a wider aperture.
1. Composition, background is distractingly on angle and not level. Plus you're cutting off here dress.

2. Seems a tad underexposed to me, dress doesn't look white enough, or maybe it's just the White Balance

3. Also need to show a little more of the hands and bouquet. For example, shot would have been better with you positioned right in the middle of the isle and her a bit to the side but facing you enough so her hands show well. That way we get her on the right side of the frame and the dress filling the lower portion of the photo(not being cut off) and the background is nice and symmetric so it's more pleasing to the eye.

My 2 cents.
thanks guys for all the input. Any help I can get is wonderful, as I am really trying to learn and get the hang of all this.

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