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Jun 9, 2013
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Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK
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Hi all,

THis is my first colour selection shot...I'm usually not a fan and I don't know why.
Well anyway I have this old shot that I re-edited and then turned it into black and white, with a high key feel and then the accident happened...

About the model: Unfortunately Astrid, from Glasgow, doesn't model anymore (or she hides away from me...).

So what do you think about the image? Does the colour selection add an extra touch of glamour? Is the red too saturated??

Critics, comments and suggestions are all welcome.

Thanks in advance. $AstridRed.jpg
Normally I don't care for selective color, but this looks awesome. Great photo and great model.
I normally cringe when I see selective color but I think it works here. I love the shine on her lips too. I don't think the color is too saturated.
i opened this thread squinting and ended up pleasantly surprised. lol
Now when "selective color" comes up in the beginner forum, I'm going to link to this thread as the example where it does work. Fortunately, we can still link to all the other selective color threads to show cases when it doesn't.

Nice shot!

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