my first dog portrait


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Sep 18, 2003
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This was my first dog portrait session. Thankfully the dogs were really well trained and for the most part obeyed their owner. Feel free to critic.


37mm F6.3 1/200 iso200


24mm F7.1 1/200 iso200


30mm F8 1/200 iso200
Those are awesome! I've never seen a dog so obedient that it would pose like that and look relaxed.. I can get my dog to sit, but she looks like a spaz waiting for her next command.

The owner of these dogs should be thrilled with these.
Thanks. :) These were great dogs. they were full of energy, but I was able to take some pictures of them before they got restless and tried to move on, before each pose.

And this was alot more fun than taking some baby pictures. For one thing the dog's owners did most of the work getting them to stay in the spot. I just made some sounds to get thier attention and snapped away. :)
Oh, and incase anyone is curious.

The client had a large tan blanket, and we draped it over a chair and had the dogs sit on it.

I had two flashes pointed directly at the ceiling and at full power, one was attached to the camera via a cord and the other used a slave. The flashes were on either side of me.
And while im thinking about it, did the forum software change over the last couple of years? It use to be really good and load great. But this one keeps timing out on me before a page is finished loading. I am on dial up, but no other forums I use time out on me.

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