My First Fish Photos! C&C Please!


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Mar 23, 2012
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So I took some pictures of some fish in our aquarium. I tried with and without flash, high ISO & low ISO, and different things. It's interesting, they're hard to get a good focus on, especially with the glass and water and all that... and they're pretty fast!

Anyway, here's some pictures xD

1. Used flash on this one.
4. I tried cloning out those green strands, but it didn't turn out too well :/

C&C welcome! Thanks! :D
Several things would help....

#1... a soft rubber lens hood that you can put up against the glass to eliminate all glare and reflection. (or even a towel rolled up and then wrapped around the lens.. something to block light! Rubber lens hood is the easiest!)
#2... a large soft light source just off to the side of the camera to illuminate the subjects.
#3... Manual focus only... AF might be a little squirrelly)
#4... Shutter speed toward the high end of sync speed if you want dark background, Slow if you want blue or clear, Aperture adequate for needed DOF (use this > Online Depth of Field Calculator)
#5... Macro lens preferred

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