My first model shoot (also first f-up)


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Jun 23, 2011
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Dublin, Ireland
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Hi forum,

Yesterday (Sunday) I did my first model shoot with make-up and hair and so on.
Unfortunately my newly bought Elinchrom flashes didn’t work, a miss fire rate of 90% (they are back in the store to get it sorted)

Anyway was able to take a few shots with the Elinchrom BR500RI and I have attached one (for now have a few hundred to go through when I have time)
For me photography is a hobby but still I want to do the best I can, so here's an example:


Comments and critiques are more then welcome,


Good lesson you learned if you want to be a pro. Back ups and back ups to the back ups.

Top pros sometimes have tens of thousands of dollars resting on their backs for a shoot staging. If they fail they may not get the next job.
Thanks guy's,

LLovemycam your dead right here thank god I had a few speedlights as back up did a MacGyer, duct taped them into the soft boxes :)

I think its done very well, nice job
Very nice. My only thought is that the backlight might be just a touch hot, but regardless, a stellar image.
My God man, a 90% misfire rate??? That is simply AWFUL!!!

Have you ever used the good old-fashioned PC connection cord? If the cord is good, it has about a 99% success rate...with the 1% failure rate being when it slips off the camera's PC connection and falls to the floor!

I feel that the Paramount brand is the best cord maker, hands down. I had one Paramount 20 foot cord that I used from 1986 until around 2007 or so, until it finally got a fray inside it. I never used any other cord, just that ONE. And when it failed, I went to a 20 year old Goldstar cord I had bought back in 1986 for $9.99.

Sometimes the "old,low-tech, tried and true" is better than this newfangled, wireless tech. Wow, 90% misfire rate--that must've driven you batty! I feel bad for you, all revved up and ready to shoot, and then to have a doggone accessory let you down. Bummer. Nifty photo though. Glad you muddled through it.

Paramount 16ft Coiled Sync Cord, Elinchrom to PC PMEC16C
Love the photo!

I use cheap strobes with a cheap wireless trigger, I'd have said they'd never let me down in 18 months but yesterday one of my strobes started pouring out smoke 3/4 of the way through an all day shoot. I got by with the remaining two without too much bother (will need more work in post) but I'll be getting a couple of backup strobes for next time.
Very beautiful.. maybe touch up that one eyebrow hair in post?
I agree with whoever said the backlight is a little too bright, It's a bit distracting. Other than that I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this on a magazine ;P
Very lovely, pose,make up and light (yes BL is a bit hot but not killingly so)
Thanks for the comments again,

I'll take it all on board especially the "BL is a bit hot" suggestions!

It is hard to make the back light not to look like that when you have a lot of loose hair. I bet if the hair was up without loose hair, the light is good the way it is.

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