My first photo with a200 and ps. C&C plz~


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Mar 9, 2009
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I took this during a really sunny day. FIrst picture is non- psed and second picture is processed. I'm very new at this, so please give me some constructive criticisms. I guess my theme was to show new bud coming out of a old tree.

Hmm, you need to be more aware of your background.

Your car causes the brain to try to re-orient the image.

The curb line distracts.

Closer macro shot could improve the image.
O thank you. Ya I realized that and I tried to ps it out. How do you do a closer macro. I bought a sony a200 kit, and i am very new at this. Can you explain what and how to do closer macro?
Your lens will have a minimum focusing distance that will limit you. Most likely you have the 18-70mm zoom.

To go beyond that you will need either a close-up filter or an extension tube.
Close-up filters are easier to work with, and not very expensive ... though they may not be optically the best thing to use.

The best route is to get a true Macro lens that is specifically designed for very close focusing.

I have a Sigma 50mm macro just for that purpose ... and it was not that expensive.

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