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My First Photography Dream


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Mar 15, 2005
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San Francisco
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Last night I dreamt that I tried to order a nicely priced DSLR off some website, and about three hours later the package arrived, but there was a BB gun inside instead. That'll teach me to go digital. :lol:
My first and only was thjat I lost my 350D. Needless to say I was devastated... some gypsies had it because I left it somewhere which just so happenend to look ike Mayfair. :shock:
Mine usually start as a photoshoot with an attractive women.....
I've had 1 photography related dream. I was taking some photos at the canal and I fell in, kept my camera above the water and then I passed the camera to my dad and drowned.. then I suddenly jumped and woke up!

I love those dreams.
lool max

my last photography dream was that i was going on a photography trek, but i was in a ship!!! and then tsunami struck wave washed over and we all hung onto the railings, floated ard in the water and survived when the wave subsided lol
any interpretations? :confused: :lol:
I just had one last night of my house colapsing in on me...weird.

I was pretty badly injured in the basement but still made a point of grabbing my camera+bag, my laptop, and a dvd with all my pictures on it.

I must be a photographer.

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