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My first portrait shoot


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Jan 23, 2012
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Hi my first Portrait shoot not that good sharing my learning stage of shoot in the forum forgive me for my lousy shot :)


Nicely done.
Unless these young women have absolutely perfect complexions, the skin seems a little too perfect.

The pose in #2 leaves her pushed against the right margin with her arm sliced in half.
# 4 seems a bit oversharpened and slightly tilted too me.

Even so, quite lovely and nicely done

I'm sure they do have perfect complexions, as Asian women are blessed in that manner ;) Lovely photographs, right up my alley

Love #1 :)
I dont like the rounded borders. They look amateur. Did she ask for that or was that your idea? A few small framing issues.

1- i like this pose but you clip her elbow a bit. Not too bad though.
2- dont like the framing on this one at all.
3- i like how she is looking out of the frame. You see the flower and its a bit different.
4- I feel like this should have been a full body shot instead of clipping below the knee. A full body shot would add some more depth and variety to the set too.

There are also small white balance issues and you crop very close to the head on many. Pan out a bit more and think how would this shot look if it was in an actual frame.

But overall you have a nice base to work with here.

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