My first RAW experience - need help batch correcting colors & white balance


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Jul 24, 2013
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I'm a beginner. I have done some correction of jpg files in Photoshop, but now I'm jumping in the deep end with a set of uncorrected CR2 images that have problems with white balance and color.

Here is the white balance reference:

View attachment 50821

You can see it has a peachy and overcast look.

View attachment 50822

And how a white shirt looks in this lighting.

What I am hoping to do is run a batch correction of about 100 images based on the reference image. They were all taken in the same light and have the same color & shadow cast. Can someone point me in the right direction with a tutorial and recommend some open source software?

I could convert to jpg and correct in photoshop but that doesn't always come out so great and I wouldn't learn anything new!
White balance correction in post should be the same for a CR2 file as it is for a JPEG. The only difference is a raw file is much more likely to look good after a huge correction.
How can I determine what correction is needed based on the shot of the white/grey/black card, and then apply that same correction to all 100 other photos?
Depends on your software.
That's an easy one, I don't have any software except for UFRaw... what do you recommend that is free?
Have you tried the software that came with the camera?

ETA: I don't think UFRaw has a batch capacity.
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I'm not the photographer, and I don't have experience with raw images.

I'm looking for help starting with square one, what software to use is probably the most important suggestion :)
I'm not familiar with Canon software, but I'd try the free stuff that would have come with the camera. I'm sure you can download it from the Canon website.
make an action in PS to correct the WB. then batch > automate the action for a specific folder.

or: use lightroom.

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