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May 18, 2006
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I don't do much photography, but over the last couple years I've taken a few cool pictures. Please take a look:

Here are a couple of my favorite shots:





for larger versions, visit

I welcome any comments/feedback.
Hi Will, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
Have been to your site, there are some nice photos there, mostly so the one on your "About Me"-page, heehee :biggrin: --- you MIGHT consider updating that eventually, but do take your time, this one is really funny! :D

I suggest you link one or two of your most favourite photos directly to here and let us see, that might give you a much better feedback than just referring us to your site.

If you only want to refer us to your site, then I would need to move this thread from the General Gallery to the forum "Personal and Professional Photography Sites" ... let me know.

thanks for the reply. i have edited the post to display a few of my favorites in-forum.

wnk and lafoto are the only two that i can get comments from?
I hope not!

By the way: who play that Prelude?
Do you play the piano?

Have you ever considered making that "Prelude" photo a bit whiter?
It is so blue now...

And have I said how I like the red of the hibiscus flower?
By the way: who play that Prelude?​

Do you play the piano?​

yes, i play piano. the piece in the photo is Prélude in C# Minor by Rachmaninoff. The sheet music itself in the picture is nearly a hunderd years old, passed down to me from my grandfather. Prélude is known for being a grueling piece on the hands, and its usually the last piece in any performance i play simply because my hands begin to cramp up after moving so fast for so long :)

its blue b/c i dont have a very expensive camera, and in low-light everything turns out blue. the picture is unaltered, and i think i like it more with it being blue than if it was white.
And have I said how I like the red of the hibiscus flower?​

thanks. it was a nice day, and i was experimenting with macros. it came out quite well i think.​

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