My girls turned 2 today!

Robin Usagani

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Jun 6, 2010
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Denver, CO
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Happy birthday to your little ladies. Time flies. Mine will be 2 in July. Best of wishes!
Love seeing daddy pride. They do change your priorities :)
Video loading slow on my phone but I see you have triplets. God bless you...I can't imagine :) One toddler at a time for me thank you :)
Now I REALLY know the meaning of the word priceless and this video certainly is. I watched it all the way through with a smile on my face. Thanks so much for sharing. Beautiful little girls and yes I know you are proud. Who wouldn't be?

You did an awesome job on that video (I watched it all the way too)! Makes me want to do one, but how do you ever choose the pics/vids to put in it!! The photos and video clips are wonderful. They will love watching that when they are older. Very cute girls btw :)

Happy birthday tripelt girls and congrats on making it 2 years in daddyhood! My daughter turned 2 in November and I think this is my favorite age yet. So so fun. Now we get to hear all the crazy thoughts in her head.
Happy birthday to your daughters, "Pops"!!! Enjoy these young years...before they all three start to gang up on you and demand all sorts of girlie necessities, like $100 pairs of jeans and $130 Air Jordan shoes, and stuff like that...
Happy Birthday to them. My little girl just turned two and I find these are the best times. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday to ur cute little girls! : ) They're so precious! : )
Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to your girls! I want photos of the cake covered faces that are sure to be there! lol! :)
Congrats on your girls birthday .

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