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Feb 8, 2007
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Málaga, Spain
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Here's a shot I took this evening just before our dinner...

Light came from the candles and from the flash of my mobile phone, which I asked my mother to hold while I was taking the photo.

I know it is underexposed, but I had the lens wide open, put the ISO as high as I could without risking too much noise on my XTi / 400D (800 ISO)and used the slowest shutter speed I dared to use hand-held (1/30th).

I tried a couple of shots bouncing of my flash to various places, but it didn't give me the same mood as I got in this one... but that was also thanks to my grandma, who totally hates to get her photo taken... she was more less laughing at this one because she (just like my parents) kinda took it as a joke that the phone's flash would help the photo...


What have I edited on Photoshop?
1. Noiseware
2. Resize
3. Sharpen (needed after resizing)
4. Border / text

EXIF is still on the shot, but I already pointed most of it out above. Focal length was 28mm (Lens = Sigma 28-70mm F2.8).

Let me know what you think of it, good or bad ;).

PS: Happy Holidays to everyone!
who needs a speedlite eh? :lol: pretty good for a flash on a phone

like it
Love this shot!! The character in her face is wonderful :)

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