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Oct 29, 2020
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Central Bohemian, Czech Republic
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Hello everybody,

I dare to share with you today's pano. My hometown. Todays' walk around the river. Sky was totally uninteresting but I had camera and tripod with myself and just couldn't resist to use it ..

Stitched from 6 photos. A lot of work with that, a lot of healing like removing graffitis from walls and correcting the exposition because between first shot and last shot was in real change -0.7EV due to the I started shooting at 4:05pm. Also to fix perspective and distortion was kinda funny.

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thanks for your feedback ..

and regards !!
It's a nice looking pic and town. Too bad about the graffiti but I guess every town has a few little thugs and a little graffiti nowadays. I clicked the link and it looks like a wonderful town rich with history. I also like it's coat of arms.
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Lots of history there.
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Thank you so much ... I have to say that I admit of course that the foto itself ain't nothing special .. as I said, sky is uninteresting, there is rather darker area because of trees in right bottom part and now it seems to me that also perspective and correcting the distortion could be done a bit better but on the other hand, I have a lot of books about my hometown (actually this is my "through marriage" town because I am in reality from Prague) + we collect additional stuff like postcards and so on and the quality of photos even in newer books is mostly disturbingly and surprisingly low, or for example inbetween postcards that you could buy here on the main square would be this photo when printed 24x8cm probably amongst the best ..

I would like to add that I am complete apprentice in photography, actually covid crisis dragged me into that ... I had camera before (end even before my current d7200 I had other DSLR Nikon D5000 and before that some film camera ..) but I've been always using my camera to photo family while on vacation and nothing more ...

I am glad to be here on this forum ... it's just awesome, inspiring, motivating ..

thank you all !!!
Great shot. I like the interesting lines and curves and I think the photo has a nice balance.
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