My Kodak Brownie Six-20!

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by fadingaway1986, Nov 2, 2004.

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    Well, I got the camera, and a roll of 120 film and a 620 spool. I tried the 120 film first - as someone on here suggested i do - I can't get the spool into the camera...

    So... I tried memorising the instructions..
    Hoped into my cupboard - got in behind my clothes, and started...

    I think I did everything right... I have a feeling there might have been a bit of light in my cupboard... Where my head was - it was pitch black - but I was leaning on something to do the film - and I have a feeling there might have been a bit of light - but we'll see... It's Ilford FP4 125.

    When I put it into my camera - it was a bit tight to wind - (assuming that i set it up properly)... But I am managing to wind it - is it normal for this format to be pretty tight to wind?

    Also - my other question - am I able to wind the film back onto the 120 spool once I am done - to ensure that I get to keep my 620 spool? Or will that just cause problems?

    I'll post some pictures (if the film isn't fogged) once I get them developed & returned....

    Thanks guys!
    - Alecia


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