My latest work for C&C please!

Well, I totally love the tree!
Lovely colours, and a very interestingly shaped tree to begin with. Cool.

Second favourite is the lighthouse. The way the sky lights up around it is precious. What is it you re-did to that one?

And I can't quite believe the moon is true in the last, though it looks good.
What an awesome tree!

You appreciate this when living in Dubai, with mostly camels, sand and skyscrapers ....
The first two are top notch. Well done! The others are great but didn't "wow" me as much as the first two.
#2 is very nice. I don't normally like extreme high contrast like this, but it really works here.
#1 is fantastic. One gets a 3D feel and tones and light are delicious.
nice set! Love the tree!
that tree is probably really great even in B&W.
wow what a set! I love them all. If I have to pic a fav, I'd go with the tree. Nice work!
#1 #2 #4 give me the wow factor. Very nice shots. The others are good but just not on the same level as those. You have now caused me more difficulty in choosing my next lens.....
First and last are really outstanding!!! Others are also quality stuff...if you want some critical view also, i would talk about the sky in #4; what is that thing appearing like tea dust???

Regards :D
1. nicely done, very famous tree and you captured it well.
2. lovely scene, I wish the heron was larger but then I suppose you may lose other elements in the shot.
4. superb sky and great the way it wraps around the lighthouse. would love to see more detail in the point if it can be pulled out.
5. ahhhhh! the moon is on the wrong side of the clouds and headed straight for us, run!!!!

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