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Sep 14, 2009
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Way up North in Michigan
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Doc says to keep up my exercise, so I bought a bike for getting around our little town locally, and really enjoying it.


Camera fits nicely in the saddlebag, and it converts to full bags that hang down on both sides of the back wheel by opening up to allow a lot more stuff, so I can bring more lenses and so on when I'm in the mood without needing a backpack. :D

I use a similar bag set on my commuter bike...just becareful loading it down with a lot of weight.
Nice ride!
Ooooh, white walls and a nice paint scheme to boot. Looks nice.

My doc told me the same, so I got mine road/trail worthy last year. There's about 50 miles of greenway in Raleigh with an entrance in my neighborhood. I'm glad to see you have a bell on the handlebars too. You'd be amazed how effective it can be to let the pedestrians ahead have a warning to move with a gentle ding-ding. Sad part is that half of them move to the left.
<-Pee Wee Buckster! LOL!

Yeah, I like the style. It looks a lot like the first bike I ever had, way back in the stone-age days about 50 years ago. ;)

Besides the local destinations I go to in town, like the post office to pick up my mail, grocery store, diner, etc., we've got miles and miles of bike paths (snowmobile trails in the winter) around here, most of them paved with asphalt, so they're nice and smooth. Beautiful rides through natural settings between towns, and I've been out and about on those too.

Yeah, gotta have the bell - ding! ding! My 3 year old granddaughter likes to go for rides with me. I got her a bike last Christmas, and it's great fun to ride down the street ringing our bells! :D

Our favorite destination is the river locks just down the gravel road and around the bend:


We can wade right in and play in the water a little before heading back to the house. She loves to wave at the boaters coming and going through the locks. :goodvibe:
Both bikes look very much like the beach cruisers many prefer around these parts. Styling!
Good-looking bicycle. Now all you need are two clothespins and two Bicycle Rider-back playing cards!!!

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