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My nightscapes!


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May 28, 2013
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This is a really nice set of images, my personal preference with star trails would be to have quite a bit longer of an exposure so there is a seem-less look to the trails. That's just my preference though. #1 is my favorite, but #2 would be my favorite if the trails where like I stated.
So far I am loving your stuff.
Really good stuff. Like 2 best.
I absolutely love this set! #2,3 and 5 are my favourites!

I personally prefer your star trails, I find the "seemless" star trails to be too messy and actually ruin a photo for me. Where as yours... are simply amazing! They add such an ethereal/ mystical feel to the images. Almost like there are thousands of comets in the sky.

Oh woah! Looking again at number 4 i just noticed the mountains in the background. That is actually another awesome image!

Overall, great set! I absolutely love your style.
Welcome to the forum. This set is a very nice start. I like the first two of the set. Looking forward to more.

Nice work. #2,5 and 7 I like the best.
Very, very nice :thumbup:
Very nice images, I think if you work on finding some stronger fore grounds they will start getting into the amazing catagory.
Amazing captures, wish I lived in a place like this. Keep it up =]
These are awesome! I like how your star trails look like meteors raining down.

You should do some with longer trails.

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