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My Nikon 5700


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Feb 5, 2012
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I am having HORRIBLE trouble with my Nikon 5700. I am by NO MEANS a professional at photography. I bought this camera off of my friend for $100, its in amazing shape he sold it to me because it was too complex and he didnt understand it. Me being the dumb butt than I am thought I could learn by reading the user manual..needless to say I am still lost! I have no idea how to use the functions, what they even mean. I honestly thought it would be like any other camera and be a point and click type of camera. But I am so wrong. Most of my pictures have a red tent to them when taken inside, the ones taken outside are so washed out. I just need to know how to I guess "re set" it back to factory settings, or how to fix it from here.

Please help me, I am desperate!

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