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Oct 6, 2010
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I have bunch of topic to ask about and i will post them here. thanks in advance for comments and opinions

question number 1

Zenfolio. who uses it and are you happy with the service. I use them with Mpix. as an extra question what other labs do you use and why!
Local labs, b/c they are fast, cheap and deliver great quality.
Yeah In NYC I would agree. You have alot more options than me. I went to a local lab here and found out really quick that other than 4x6 and 8x10 they send there work out and I think it is to MPIX and National. So then I am just paying a middle man! I do have one local shop I have used but they are priced way more than anything I have found online. Do able if I need something in a day or less.
New Question! Can anyone recommend a good small studio set up to buy. Or maybe an brand name. Some examples would be nice. I am researching now and if some people give me some ideas I will list my list to see if I was on track. Looking to spend under 600 for the kit. What I would like in the kit are below. Does not have to be all of this

Background stands.
2 Flashes or strobes or constant lights.
I own 1 Softbox and 1 Umbreala
2 new stands and umbrella stands....

Those are the majors! Thanks in advance!

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