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Nov 7, 2007
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Ocala, Florida
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At the park today. No post processing on this one yet except a little blur on his face for a little softness. Other than that no adjustments what so ever


Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200) Aperture: f/5 Focal Length: 80 mm ISO Speed: 200 Exposure Bias: 0/3 EV Flash: Flash fired
For starters, there's no picture.

You also might want to consider that you're generally not going to get a real critique if you tell people it's your son.
why wouldnt he did real c/c if he tells us its his son?
because there's a greater potential for the OP to find a remark personally insulting, so most people err on the side of caution.
i disagree.

i could say the child is beautiful but the photo is ...............whatever it is.

i would not be saying anything nasty bout his child
Well thank you for that. I can tell you, that in all the time I've spent on this forum, people categorically give less scrutinous critiques of photos of people's children.
Max is right. Portraiture is about accentuating the positive and de-emphasizing the negative. Posters are extremely reluctant to tell someone that they have errored by emphasizing their son's zits,mole, prominent ears, long nose etc. Even when you are talking about technique, it can sound insulting. This is why so many get unnecessarily uptight about comments that are not meant to be personal.

This is a nice 'snapshot' but with the blown out patches on his face, I don't think it will be a great photograph. Why not post an image that's close to the maximum allowed size?

At the size posted, its hard to tell much about the picture. (Blurring the face loses skin texture, there are better ways to handle the 'softening' issue.)

The image is framed poorly, just clipping off a slice of his backside and the bottom of his shoe.

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