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    This is the picture of my cat wearing the kind of surgical thingy (i dont know wat is it) to prevent him from biting and scratching himself. i think he is currently in stress mode with my brother. they both didt get along very well, even though there is no abused from my bro except he kept shouting at him :meh: . My cat take that shouting seriously i think, so everytime my bro at home,he kinda hide himself until i come back then he ran to my room and stay with me. so i kinda worried abt his biting habits and put him that thing. i only take it out when he's hungry and also I have to manually clean him (using animel wet tissue that i bought from a vet)than letting him sometimes lick himself. He kinda not happy abt this thing put in him so he kinda making a sad face..hehehe. this is the picture.




    as per normal, stupid photobucket...


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