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Jan 14, 2008
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Beautiful NJ
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It's nice, but I don't know about 10,000 dolalr contest winning.

If it's the same contest I entered won't win...because its' fake.

I get spam every day now because of it...and that address used to be spam free.
I think you've got a great eye for shots and that you're off to a good start, although the two sunset ones looked like they were out of focus. Little point and shoots can have a lot of trouble with that in dim light. I really liked the last one though. And #2 with a little post processing would really come alive, bringing the leaves up out of the shadows
Yeah. Read lots on this site and check out the galleries. Some incredible photographers frequent this site. A photo that has stood out for me recently was in the "Landscapes" forum. The photos called "Vast Midwest Majesty" Check it out. Although it shows us mere mortals how much we have to learn.....
Hey, they're pretty good beginner shots, and you'll only get better.

On some of the shots they are slightly out of focus or blurry, so that's something you could work on.

I think my favorite shot of the bunch is number 2, the sun through the trees hitting the leaves is nice.

What Camera are you using, and what program do you use to resize these pictures?

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