My Wheaten Terrier at 8 weeks old


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Jan 14, 2008
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Southern Ontario, Canada
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This is a picture of Nellie at 8 weeks old...She's 13 months old now!

What a cute little pup!! And shot in such a nice 'doggie portrait' style.
Awww! Don't you miss when she was a puppy? I'm dying to do shots like this, but I don't know how to get the WHITE background to actually be white :)

You know...I just draped a sheet over the back of our couch and used the light from our sliding door. I think I may have bumped up the exposure a bit to make the white come out white. There were a bit of shadows but they were easy to remove in Photoshop. I have tried it a few more times since she was tiny with poor results though so who knows. I think it all has to do with lighting.

The Cook is not only a great dog ... but as a breed, Wheatens will be your best friend ever ... man or beast.

Still waiting for more shots of the pup.

Cook at the Dog Park.
Oh I adore Wheatens. My best friend growing up had one called Danny and he was just a giant bear! Lovely picture of him :)

Edit: her.... I mean her! (I have a male schnauzer so all dogs are officially 'he's :lol:)

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