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Myrtle Beach in the Winter

When was the ferris wheel built? Haven't been there in a while... Used to go nearly every weekend (nearly 10 years ago)...
I never knew Myrtle Beach could look so vacant. I only live about 2 hrs away from there, but mostly go in the summer months. Great image!
Ahhh I miss Myrtle! I still have a lot of family there.

Really like the "cotton candy" sky.
Haven't been there since the late 60's but that pier doesn't look like it's changed.
What part of this strip was this taken on? I know there's a pier in the middle of the strip, but I thought that part of the strip was more congested with hotels than what we can see in this picture.
I really like the reflections in the water. Maybe a re-crop that raises the horizon to dramatically emphasize that reflection.

Haven't been to back to Myrtle Beach since 1967. Boy does time have a way of just flying. I was young then and in college. Now I'm old, retiring in a year, and will be entering my so called golden years at 65 :-(
I lived there once upon a time. Nice place, when it was in ghost town mode in winter we'd hang out in Charleston.

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