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Apr 14, 2009
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Hi all,

I'm new to photography and have a Nikon N75 camera. I'm looking for a digital camera body that would use the same lenses as my N75, if possible?

Thanks in advance.
All of the Nikon DSLRs can use the same lenses as the N75, at least to a degree.

Some models won't meter with any non-AF lenses you may have. Also the D40/40x/60/5000 will not AF with the vast bulk of the N75 vintage AF lenses. They require that there be an AF motor in the lens (e.g. AF-S series lenses). AF lenses that use the body motor ("screw driver" drive connector on the back of the lens) will work fine, meter fine, but must be manually focused.
You can't start this talk with the camera, but you need to start with the lenses themselves. All Nikkor F mounts post AI era will mount on any Nikon DSLR with varying features non-working.

The Nikon N75 though is a modern Autofocus camera taking AF D and G type lenses. These lenses will work any any camera except the ones Dwig listed above, and will work but without autofocus on those models. Full compatibility with AF D and G type lenses comes from the Nikon D80 and above.

AI and AI-S lenses however full capability comes with the D200 and above which have a little AI indexing notch and can use these mechanical lenses.

So the short answer is the digital camera with the same lens compatibility as the N75 is the D200 and above.
Thanks for the help.

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