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Aug 23, 2012
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I like this image, especially the framing of the branch over the dirt path, but I wish that there was soemthing for the eye to focus on along the road; I can't help thinking that seeing a person walking away from the camera, down the road, would take this from nice to outstanding.
I like the way the tree frames the road going off in the distance; it could probably make for an interesting subject to photograph from varying vantage points.
i like this image, but also feel there is something missing, like a person(s) strolling the path with a fishing pole or something like that.
nice though.
and maybe dodge the lake a tad? looks a bit blown.
Many thanks you all for the nice feedback!
True someone walking down the road would be a little iceing on the cake.
The others beat me to the same conclusion as to a person in the frame. Also, your blacks are tending to block up a bit. I am not sure if this is from the scan, the paper/chem or the processing.

So, I have to ask: is your paper new and what chemicals you using for processing? Generally a slow paper such as you are using would better like a slower, finer grain developer. I've sent a query to my all time paper neg guru and will await her suggestions. My students used the foma but as you mentioned in your tutorial, it tends to not do well with faster exposures - Years ago when I explored this process, I always had much better results when shooting a standard based paper such as Ilford Muti-grade IV and then doing a contact print from that. The students who used this process were generally only making alternative prints (salt, Ziatype, albumen, Pt/PD or cyanotype) so it worked wonderfully for them in having the negative already available. They used both pinhole Zone cameras or standard classroom Calumet 4x5's.

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