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Aug 30, 2015
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These are my two favorite shots from the most recent exposures. Take a gander!

The second may not be for some, but I love how it turned out!


Brushstrokes of Autumn
Did you catch any?

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If you mean dragonflies, then no. BUT, I did almost dunk my camera into the James River :biggrin-93:
Oh I bought that was a treble hook, silly me, I see it now....

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I like the second image better. This Nikkor has very good bokeh and despite nothing of main subject of the picture is sharp anywhere, tonality and softness is pleasant. It looks somewhat like charcoal drawing, but only in substantial enlargement.
The first image is rather a compositional mess and in this picture I would prefer to see the insects real sharp. It looks, like you were shooting wide open so it's possible you missed the focus. Plus roughness of the processing took away whatever there was left of it.
Who did the processing ?
I believe the store I go to sends it to Fuji to be processed. I'm looking at getting into developing B&W myself in the near future, hopefully.
Well, developing gear, if you lucky, you may get for free. Good scanner will cost you a little. Developing is fun, but very different from "digital" work. It is very personal.
What was the film ? TriX ?
It was Ilford HP5. My dad says he has a tank I can have since he's mostly digital now.
Tank is a good beginning. But more is needed.
Oh yeah, I know haha. I need to start accumulating my supplies and just start doing it :thumbyo:
Any questions, just ask.
I will have many, good sir. I'm excited to begin my studies. Thanks so much!

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