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Aug 8, 2011
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some portraits.. :D

Nice; when you're working with a longer-haired model, always watch for fly-aways and unattractive "puddles" of hair such as on her back in the right-hand image.
#1 looks very natural, great shot. Agreed, #2 id cropped to far me me, and the hair is way distracting
I really like #1 and #2 besides what tirediron said I don't care for the shoulder pose,like she is tense or something.She is a Pretty girl.
I would rather see some neck than the shoulder - and it looks way too cold for me - and a bit of sharpening looks good to me also

I thought something did not look right with color hue in the facial area but thought it was just me. The Traveler - Lew nailed it.Nice Edit Work.
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hi thanks guys !

here is my new edit :


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