Near Leadville, Colorado


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Jul 22, 2010
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Prescott, Arizona
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Enjoying the twilight near Leadville, Colorado on a recent vacation. Nothing jumped out at me but sometimes the elements line up in an interesting way.

$Colorado 2013-374-2.jpg
Looks a little cool on WB, but I like it. Leading lines are nice. I would suggest a couple things, though;
The sky is a bit bright for my liking, though I can still see details. This could have been the perfect time to use a Grad ND filter. Or a different crop to remove some of the bright sky.
It looks like you focused about the mid - horizon. I would have focused on the bush to the left of the railroad tracks, about a third of the way in. That would have brought the bush in the foreground into acceptable focus.
Overall, I like your taste in landscapes.
Keep shootin'
I think that foreground bush would bother me even if it were in focus. The rest of it is really nice. I would try to crop most of the bush and clone the remaining stray leaves. I wouldn't want to lose the tall pole just to the right of the tracks.

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