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    Well it has been a little more than a month since I started my job at a local photography company and I collected enough dough to get some useful equipment.

    So.... I just wanted to see if I'm getting the right stuff. I normally wouldn't ask but I never held a c stand or a skylite so I am not sure if I would need any other connector. So here are some links to the products that I'm looking at (all links go to B&H).
    Avenger A2030D Turtle Base Century C Stand Grip Arm A2030DKIT -

    Lastolite Skylite Kit - Sunfire/White - Medium - LL LR81244 -

    Avenger E650 Baby (5/8") Pin with Collar - 6" E650 -

    Impact Empty Saddle Sandbag - 18 lb SBE-18O - B&H Photo Video

    Thanks for the help!


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