Need a nice Canon walk around lens...


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Dec 25, 2008
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Hey guys I need a nice walk around lens. I do not want an L series, but one that is very comprable, in sharpness, build quality, and focusing. My limit is ablut 700-800 bucks.

Anywhere between 20-100 mm is fine.

I do not want an L.

ive been doing a lot of searing but havent turned up many options. let me hear what you guys think
May I ask why you dont want an L lens? Many of them are well within your budget. (ok not many maybe, but a few used are.) If it's because they're white, not all L lenses are white just an fyi. I might consider a sigma or tamron 24-70 2.8.

Edit: If my post came across as arrogant sorry about that, I didn't mean it to.
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What camera do you have? And why the hostility toward the L?
Photoincollege thats fine your post did not come across as arrogant at all. And i know they are not all white.

I dont want an L because i have a coupon for 15% off any non L canon BRAND (not canon mount) lens for my local camera shop. I called them today and They said if they dont have the one in stock, they will order it for me.

Aroudn 20-100 mm is good
really prefer a constant aperture (f2.8 or f4, not f5.6)
Non L series

and i have a 30d
is the amount you state at the start including or excluding the 15%off?
As for constant f2.8/4 apertures I think most of those are going to be L series lenses from Canon - so that will leave you with sigma and tamron as options to consider - but they are not canon so won't get the discount.

Without L your losing access to some great walk around lenses - the 24-70mm f2.8 L and 24-105mm f4 IS L.
I definatleydibt want a prime and the 700-800 range is the reular retail price.

So.. Is there any options?
honestly I would be very tempted to follow the second hand market (or save a little longer) the 24-105mm f4 L is only a little over that price range and that is a fantastic walk around lens for the money.

I know 15% off is a good offer (especaily in these times) but the only lens that would suit you would probably me this one:
Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM - Canon UK

fixed aperture, IS and a reasonable focal range, though you might find 55m a little short for walkaround. Its also EFS only so it won't follow you if you decide to go fullframe in the future.
Yeahtht was the Only option I really found but it's like $1000!!
I could get an L lens for less than that.

Why is that lens so much
Because it only lacks the red ring to be an "L". Maybe some build quality lacking too. Otherwise, its a stellar lens!
i know but i still think thats crazy. i can get an L series lens for like 700 brand new!
right now thats what im thinking about doing.

but first i want to "explore my options" before i drop up to 1000 bucks on a lens. there any other lens except the (very expensive) 17-55? (remember no "L")
Well the main problem is, your not going to get the quality you want, and a fixed large aperture, unless you do go with an L lens or a prime. (for the most part.) I can't really think of any other lenses except the 17-55. XD Sorry I cant be of more help.
The EF-S 17-55mm IS, is a killer lens. Probably the best EF-S lens. The IS system has some durability issues but image quality is on par with L zooms. That's why it's so expensive.

A good walk around lens on a crop body might be the 17-85mm IS. The max aperture isn't great, but the range is great. I have a Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 (also a great lens) but for general walk around stuff, I still grab by 17-85mm.

How about a macro lens? The 100mm or even the 60mm EF-S macro?

I forgot about the other great Ef-S lens...the 10-22mm. Maybe too wide for 'walk around'...but I love the wide angle.

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