Need adapter. Phono plug to household plug


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Feb 25, 2009
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My studio power pack has a household synch port. My wireless trigger has a phono plug only. I ma looking for an adapoter to take the male phono plug and convert to a male household plug. Anyone know of such a thing?
That's what I am doing now. I bought the parts at radio shack for $8. I posted this and looked around the web. I figured I would just go get the parts at RS and give it a try. I have to find my soldering iron now. :)
The absolute best place to pick one up...


Lon, the owner, is honest to a fault, and has proven incredible customer service on top of very fair prices. Highly recommended!
Flash Zebra x3! Great customer service and decent products!

Very cool. Thanks guys. I made one tonight. It ain't pretty, but it works and is just rev 1 to get me through shooting my Neice's bridal shots tomorrow. I will look at that site to get a little better quality product. :)
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