need DSLR with wide angle lense. any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by philsturr, Jul 30, 2007.

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    hi everyone
    im thinking of switching from film to dslr camera.

    i was thinking Nikon D40 might be a good starter DSLR camera, but somewhere i read it doesnt have support for wide angle lense?

    i need a DSLR with a wide angle lense that goes with it.
    can i get some recommendations?

    i would like some cheap ones because i am not a professional.
    i am only looking to takes pictures with my friends and family

    i also have a Nikon N65 film camera, and if i was going to purchase a wide angle lense for it, what kind would be best? what is 0.45 Wide Angle Lens? is that a good lense?

    i would like to takes pictures like these with the wide angle lense.


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    I've never used one of those .45x things, but it wont' give you results like that. If you're using a D40, a 12-24mm would give you those kind of perspective results.

    Nikon makes an AF-S 12-24 that will autofocus on it. I'm not sure about the Tokina, it might be a screwdriver lens.

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