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Apr 3, 2011
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I am stepping up from a Canon 50d that I have had for a number of years to a 5d Mark IV. I have a 24-105mm Canon lens but need to purchase a new wide angle as the Mark IV is full frame. I do mostly landscape. I am looking at the Canon 11-24mm F4 and the 16-35mm F4. Which would be the better choice? Seems like the 16-35 would overlap more with the 24-105 than the 11-24.... but what about the difference in picture quality between the two?
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For myself I would want overlap in the lense's. Have the 11-24 on and find yourself in a spot where you'd like to have somewhat more and your gonna have to stop and change lense's. If it a fleeting moment it might be gone before you can change. Talking about fleeting moments, I got a photo of a really old homestead yeasr ago with my Yashica 635. Took two photo's and the first was alright but in the time it took to wind the film, some sun popped out and made a huge difference in the choice to use. Kinda like using a fixed length lense. You got that length and nothing more! Could mean a missed shot. I don't know a lot about quality in lense's but I do know what I like to look at. I think you'll find most of todays lense's generally have more quality than we actually need! I don't think I'd chase quality, simply good. But all my lense's these days are variable with probably more overlap than needed. But then even if I was certain when I needed to change a lense, I'd likely simply zoom in or out to a different focal length.

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