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Aug 31, 2011
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My camera fell off a low chair and landed damaged the filter ring when it landed. (24-70 2.8) Anyone know where to get it? part # 1K631-858 & 1B002-587
I really don't want to send it in to nikon when it only takes about 5 mins to repair it... Arrrrrggghhhhhhhhhh....
Yeah Ive spent 45 mins on the phone already with some numbskulls from nikon. They gave me "authorized" nikon centers to see if they can get them. When I looked up the info, one had no website (what???? and the woman on the phone says: well, not all stores are up to date with technology) and the other website had: We do not repair or service nikon in BIG BOLD text on the homepage... WTF????
Nikon's repair parts policy underwent a huge change a while back...Thom Hogan has an article or three about it...they stopped selling repair parts directly, then they reversed it, on SOME is a ginormous cluster-**** kind of a mess. I have a feeling the 24-70 will need to see a repair shop, either Nikon-authorized, on non-authorized, in order for the part and the lens to be united. I's a mess...
yeah maybe some chewing gum too...:)
Just sent it in for repair.... RIDICULOUS!!!!! 5 minute job turns into 2 - ? weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, update: I sent the lens in weeks ago, hoping to get it in time for some events that I needed it for, AND, my vacation. 750 bucks to have it repaired. I asked for the old parts to make sure Im not getting hosed (I dont just "trust" everything is actually broken) Good thing I had my 50mm for the events, and of course, I get a phone call 3 days into my vacation... its back from the facility in LA. Which, ironically, Im staying a few days for my holiday. So now my lens is back up in NorCal and Im wishing I had it. :(

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