Need help deciding between Rebel XTi and D70s


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Apr 15, 2009
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Which is the better deal for $575?
- D70s everything included good condition
- AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f3.5-4.5G ED-IF lens with a 67mm uv flter
- 2GB CF card

- Rebel XTI everything included good condition
- EFS 17-85 Canon lens NO uv filter
- 4GB CF card

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. *even if it is a bit biased*.
I need to make the decision quick because I will pick up either camera tonight. I need to know which one is the better deal for $575 because both people on craigslist are firm on their price. I don't want to overpay for either camera.
I am a nikon guy so I would say the D70s.
It is an easy camera to grow with and can be used with the Nikon Creative Lighting System and has a flash sync of 1/500 sec.
As well it has both front and rear scroll wheeles like most pro cameras do and this will help to make adjustments faster.
I second the D70s, although honestly I think you'd be happy with either -- unless you have any specific requirements in a camera.

The UV filter is kind of pointless -- I would never buy (or not buy) a setup because it had (or didn't have) a UV filter included.

However, the awesomely fast sync speed that SpeedTrap mentioned is a real bonus. It's also a reason to consider the D40 (not the D40x), if sync speed matters to you.
I'd go for the Rebel, not only because I'm a Canon guy but because the 17-85mm is a very solid and fast focussing lens (and it's almost 500$ new).
I got the rebel and i'm very satisfied with it. But how can you force it to take a picture in full manual mode when it thinks there is not enough light?
Just turn the dial to M and you'll be set. You may have to turn off autofocus -- the camera will refuse to take a photo if it can't lock focus, but if you're in manual focus mode (switch on the side of the lens), you can take a photo of pure darkness if you want to!
Ah, ok. The camera couldn't take a picture because it couldn't lock focus.
If you plan on shooting at ISOs greater than 400 ... then go with the XTi. The Canon uses a CMOS sensor ... the Nikon a CCD sensor. CMOS sensors deliver superior IQ and less noise at elevated ISOs. Nikon's more expensive cameras use CMOS all Canon cameras use CMOS.

Go with whatever feels better. I really don't like the ergonomics of Canon cameras. That's one of the reasons why I chose Nikon over Canon, the other being that I already had a Nikon SLR!
$575 for the D70s seems a little high. I paid about $450 for the same setup (used D70s, 18~70 zoom) more than a year ago, but then the prices here in Japan might be a little lower than elsewhere.

I have no complaints about the D70s, it is easy to use, reliable, and takes wonderful pictures. I once dropped it accidentally from eye-level height onto a concrete sidewalk, and it still worked fine.

Here is an unedited pic from my D70s/18~70 lens taken using the out-of-the-box settings


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