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Need help for shop a new binoculars for birding


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Oct 1, 2015
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Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA
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Hi all i lost my old binocular which is i use mostly for birding... now i m planing to buy a new binoculars for birding .. my budget in 15000 INR (220$)... KINDLY GUIDE ME FOR BEST BINOCULARS IN THIS PRICE RANGE I M FROM INDIA...
One thing I learned from other activities requiring binoculars, such as sailing. The larger the aperture the easier it is to find and stay on a subject. All the high falooting birders tell you to get things like 8x40. or 8x30 something lens. Why because they weigh less. If six or seven ounces is a factor in whether you can move then I suggest you stay at home. Now what do I/we use? Both on the boat(when we still sailed) and for birds etc Celestron 8x56. Snap those up to your eye and your subject is there a 56mm field of view is wide enough you don't have to hunt around. They are around or under the $200 level and well protected weather-wise. Optics are excellent as they are made for astronomy usage so their light gathering is very good. I have had this pair for nearly ten years and hard usage....still like new.
Roof prism, 8 x 42 : Nikon 8x42 Prostaff 7S Binocular (Black) 16002 B&H Photo Video

Porroprism 8 x 40 : Nikon 8x40 Action Extreme ATB Binocular 7238 B&H Photo Video

For me 8x is ideal, and atop my tripod and ballhead, I can watch gulls and herons and diving ducks foraging and winging by, mostly right ON the Pacific ocean coastline, so the distances are short, and the birds are BIG ones...pelicans, diving ducks, some puddle ducks, gulls,terns, plus seals, fishing boats, etc.

I personally do not like a 10x binocular because I cannot hold them very steady.

My idea of birdwatching is mostly atop a tripod, where with good binos, the steadiness is really amazing and makes things look great. If you want to observe and identify small birds, you might like10x magnification binos...again...my type of birding is watching large birds, from only 30-50 meters mostly.

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