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Sep 4, 2007
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alright, so i want to put together a letter that would be given to the customer either before having their photographs taken or upon receiving the photographs. What do you guys think i should add or remove?
photo in any way.

not anyway.

Also, you used the wrong \. it should be /

But more importantly. You need to have a model release to use their pictures how you see fit, and this is signed BY THE MODEL. BEFORE you take the pictures. You'd get them to sign it, and give them something in return for their pictures. Like a free print, or something like that. (makes the contract able to stand up in court).

Just saying. If nobody signs beforehand, you're a bit screwed.
thanks sideburns. Ya you are right I'm going to have to come up with a model release, this was more of for some one who guys my photos of lets say like landscapes or something like that. not really a portrait shot.
You can have a model sign afterwards as well. This is most comon in candid or sports shots. But he is probably right about offering something in return. Pretty basic buisness law states that there has to be an exchange for a contract to exist. If aI was doinga model shoot I would get them to sign first. Then you know you arn't wasting your time. People can change there minds in a big hurry.
gotcha guys, if i write up a model release (if i plan to do any portraits that i want to use) i will be sure to write it up with an offer. if i take out the "model" part in this form and fix the few grammar mistakes would it be a good document to give the customer explaining what can and can't be done?
Honestly?? It sounds confruntational to me. I think it is the "100% his property" and the Capitalized "NOT" that sets me on edge. Purhaps saying something like "All photos taken by Flips Photography are copyrighted, and as such can not be reproduced or altered in any way. If you are interested in reprints or useing images in a publication, please contact Flips Photography." Sort of let them know how to go about getting what they want, instead of just saying "NO, You can't do it." Atleast thats what I think.
hmm i did not think of it that way but after you point it out your absolutely right, i sound arrogant in my way of writing it and through yours sound more professional.

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