Need help on radio slaves and flashes


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Nov 19, 2007
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  1. I'm new to the board and i take alot interest in skateboarding photography and had a few questions for some people if they could help. I was wondering what would be the cheapest but best radio slaves to get and use with Nikon sb-28 flashes. also is the sb-28 good enough for this type of shooting. if someone could give me some insight that would great.:hail:
Welcome to the forum.

There are some rather cheap radio slaves, usually avaliable on E-bay. I have THIS ONE and it works well with some of my flash units...not with my Canon flash though.

There are more reliable options from Elinchrone or Pocket Wizard but they can get pricey.

For lots of great how-to and tips for off camera flash, check out this site...

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