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Jan 19, 2013
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Alright, so I've kind of narrowed my camera choice to either the Nikon D5100, Sony A57 and the Nikon D3100.
If I get the d3100 I can get the 18-55 and 55-200 lenses.
If I were to get the D5100, I could get one of the previously listed lens.
I'd like to keep the A57 in the list, but I can't find it anywhere refurbished.

I can obviously get some sigma lens or some other Nikon, but from some researching, it seems I should just stick with those two lenses at first. I'll be shooting longboarding tricks and downhill longboarding videos mainly, but I will be shooting anything I can find. Next, I was looking at ND filters, and have NO idea which stop to get. I know there's not really a simple answer to this, but is there any you guy's have had good shots with just in normal daylight. I have an ok tripod, so that will work fine until I can get a good one. I already have a SanDisk class 10 16gb ultra card, which i use for my GoPro, but I'll just get 1 more card. I'm gonna get an extra battery, and a bag. I think that pretty much covers the basics of what I need on a 15 year old minimalist price range:lol:
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