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Jan 16, 2008
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I have only joined the forum to ask for assistance with the attached photo.To save me having to tell the story again I have posted a link to a local Liverpool discussion forum website that I joined to try and find other witnesses.I discuss the events that led up to taking this photo in detail there.

I am only a point and click guy.
Our sighting lasted 10 minutes and I had enough time to calm down and focus on what I was doing to some degree.I must admit that taking the photos was secondary to watching as this was a once in a life time sighting.This is my main photo. There were that many huge red lights flying overhead that I waited untill there were about a dozen in the frame before taking this shot.The other couple of shots I took were of individual lights that were the bigest as they came over but they are even more vague than this shot.I can post those as well if anyone is interested.

1 The photo is of REAL objects and not typical common camera artifact orbs that I have seen.
2 They were BRIGHT RED not blue.
3 The lights that look in front of the trees and bushes WERE coming from behind possibly from the higher things themselves (I dont want to use the word "beam" but it is possible that is what was happening as the lights were so bright they did seem to sparkle light all over the place.
4 This photo was taken when there were about a dozen lights in the sky - all about the size of a ping pong ball at arms length.

What we witnessed was truly amazing and I thought I had the pictures of the century !! - Instead I got this garbage.

Can anyone help enhance or offer an explanation as to why my photos look like this rather than what we saw.

I have taken both daytime photo from the same location for ref. and also one last night to try and get the same kind of effects but they just look normal.If you request I can post any other pics you require.

The sighting was as real as they get and this pic should show more.What I have got is not what I was looking at.

My 17r old son (who I went and woke up ) stood and watched from the front bedroom whilst I went downstairs for the camera.I then went outside into the back garden to watch and take the photos - bollock naked I might add !!! After taking a couple of what I thought were difinitive shots I went back to my son and we watched them coming overhead for another 5 mins.

Thanks in advance.

Just realised I cant post attachments here so the link below will have to do.

If you view just the photo shown on the website you will not see what I am talking about and dismiss them as basic orb artifacts - you need to see the full photos or at least read through the thread a bit for further images that I have enlarged.

Link to a local website were I report in a bit more detail PLUS the photos.There is a link on my post there to download better photos.
How do I attach or post the pics on this site ?
Night shots of the sky NEVER work with the flash turned on. Flash only covers a very short distance. What was required was an adjustable camera set with a high ISO number such as 800 or 1600, a zoom lens out to 200mm or greater and a tripod. Even with all that, it would be a tough shot considering movement and low light.

Night shots of the sky NEVER work with the flash turned on. Flash only covers a very short distance. What was required was an adjustable camera set with a high ISO number such as 800 or 1600, a zoom lens out to 200mm or greater and a tripod. Even with all that, it would be a tough shot considering movement and low light.

couldn't be better said...

my personal opinion about this matter is that there must be a real explanation of what happened, personally I dont believe in UFO and a lot of stories have been invented on sightings like this one, not saying that its a lie, but there must be something else going on... I mean, its like area 51, for decades there was people talking about alien experimentation there and it was just an aeronautical development project where a lot of "weird looking aircrafts" where designed
I saw the picture on the other site, there was nothing there...
I also saw the other photo.... there might have been something there, but I certainly cannot see it.
Thanks for yr replies.
Please dont get to technical with me - I can change the batteries and thats about it.The Camera is an Olympus Camedia 350 zoom and about as basic as you guys will know.Hi tech for me though !!

Anyway heres the original pic

Here is one were I point out the anomolies

and here is an enlargment of the anomolies

As to what they are its anybodies guess and I'll leave discussions as to what ufo's are to people that are into that kind of thing but these ARE a few of about 100 such things that flew overhead in a 10 minute time span .I have joined your comunity to just see if anyone can help in getting more from what I have captured because these ARE real photographs of what people have been seeing all around the world for the last few years or longer and not a misidentification of anything.I fly large model aircraft and my son is learning to fly so we are very much aware of what is in the skies above us.

I would just like to know if more detail can be got from what I have.

dust on your sensor or lens
dust on your sensor or lens

If this is just dust then what happened to the dozen or so huge red lights ( like bright red suns and about the size of an orange at arms length ) that should be in the picture ? I was not taking pictures of some spurious little red things - these were BIG and spectacular.

As basic as this camera is I cant imagine that it could not have caught anything ! These things in my photo are were the lights were when I took the shot - I was looking at them !

I'll test my camera tonight by taking a photo out the front of a street lamp and see if that comes out - the lights themselves were MUCH brighter than that anyway so if it captures that kind of light then I'll know.

Somebody has sent me a picture they took from the other side of the city and that shows one of the red lights over my area and in his photo the red colour is correct although to far off to see any detail.

Is there such a thing as light on a frequancy that is visable to the human eye as red that cannot be caught properly on a digital camera ?


The visible spectrum is the visible spectrum. That's it. If you saw it, your camera would have seen SOMETHING. It might not have captured it accurately, or it might be OOF, but it would be there.

I played with the photo and there's nothing there besides some dust on a lens or sensor.
looks like central flash reflections on dust or water droplets (in the air).

Last year we even had such examples in indoor shots.
looks like central flash reflections on dust or water droplets (in the air).

Last year we even had such examples in indoor shots.

also a great explanation
OK so you all say my photo shows nothing of what we saw.
Although I know nothing of photography and will have to accept what you all say about the quality of the photograph the fact is what I saw was real.I wont delete it just yet.

As you all will probably have quaility equipment and the knowledge to use it I sugest that for the next week if you can set a camera up ready to capture one of these properly under the conditions you sugest then do so and keep your eyes open because it appears that I am not the only ones seeing them.No matter what country your in be ready you might be in a position to capture a very unique and profitable shot and I dont just mean $$$ - science needs everyones help.

Here are some reports

Reports from the 1st of January upto the day of our sighting.
Puerto Rico - Texas - Liverpool (UK) - Does Anyone have a globe to see if these could line up in anyway ?

Absolutely Bizarre Red Fireballs Hover Over Puerto Rico
From Scott Corrales
Inexplicata - The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology

Puerto Rico - Fireballs Over Ponce

A report from Lucy Guzman,

A cellphone report received on Saturday 01.12.08. Domingo Morales phoned Andrew Alvarez to make a report on sightings in the City of Ponce. Mr. Alvarez told him to phone me. Mr. Morales reported the following:

1. His brother, a resident of Valle Alta, Ponce, told him that on Friday, January 4 2008 at 9:30 p.m,., his wife called him over to look at a fireball over their house. Upon going outside , he saw an immense ball of red fire. The wife didn't see it approach, rather she saw it suddenly appear and light up on the spot. It remained static for some 20 minutes at an approximate altitude of 300 feet. It spent 20 minutes lighting on and off. The fireball finally diminished the intensity of its color and began moving SW in a zig-zag pattern, going up and down. It had the apparent size of a baseball stadium floodlight.

2. On Saturday January 5, 2008 at 9:40 p.m., Domingo's brother phoned again, this time to have Domingo climb onto the rooftop of his house to see if it was possible for him to see the fireball, as he (the brother) was seeing it. Domingo lives in Los Caobos, but was unable to see the object from his home. According to Domingo's brother, the fireball was over the same site, above his house and exhibiting the same behavior.

At 10:40 p.m., the fireball reappeared. This time, Domingo's brother saw it with nearly all of his neighbors. One of the neighbors was able to photograph it with a cellphone. On this occasion, a twin-engine plane flew over the area 15 minutes after the fireball vanished. This [fireball] did not appear suddenly, it came in from [the town of] Adjuntas.

3. On Sunday, January 6, 2008, Domingo and his wife decided to visit Domingo's brother to see if the were lucky enough to see the fireball. Just as they got out of the car, at 9:30 p.m., they saw two white balls of light to the SW which appeared to be joined. They looked like two orbs to the naked eye, but binoculars revealed them to be two plate like objects joined together. These were higher up, at some 5000 feet. (Domingo is a pilot, and is therefore able to calculate altitude better than the average witness). In plain sight they looked like two joined golf balls. They separated a minute later -- one heading south and another to the north.

5 minutes later, Domingo phone FURA [P.R. police aerial reconnaissance] and was told that they were going to send their helicopter for a look. Domingo never saw the helicopter engage in a fly-over. Domingo recalls that while he observed the two orbs, a woman and her daughters stopped to ask him if they were seeing the fireballs. She added that the fireballs had been visible since November in that location, becoming apparent between 9-10 p.m. and as early as 5 p.m.

4. No sightings were reported on Monday, January 7.

5. Today, Saturday, January 12, Domingo will return with a camera in an effort to take pictures of the objects.

One important fireball report from the Tom Price area in Australia contains a most graphic description of a fireball moving at low altitude overhead. The witness reported seeing: "an intense spherical ball or orange-red fire swirling in a spiral pattern"the flame disappearing internally upwards into a central black hole or void within."

This suggests the possibility that either a plasma or gaseous substance is swirling around a steady central core perhaps moving from the 'top' of the object and flowing all around it to move back into it from the bottom of the object.

Interestingly enough, many reports of spheroidal objects contain references to a 'misty' or cloudy flow emanating from the top of the objects suggesting a possible propulsion or energy source.
this is often a p&s-style camera flash problem. Due to the built geometry, the flash is able to illuminate even dust or droplets which are very close to the lens, and hence they appear very large. and since the flash is almost on the optical axis, it is reflected directly back into the lens.
Interestingly enough, many reports of spheroidal objects contain references to a 'misty' or cloudy flow emanating from the top of the objects suggesting a possible propulsion or energy source.

OK, what you describe here is a typical fireball. a well known phenomenon. those are small pieces of crap from space which are large enough to penetrate the outer atmosphere, but they often are totally evaporated before they hit the ground. or they hit the ground as quite small objects. The flames / tail you see are basically hot gaseous matter from the evaporation. They appear to be quite slow sometimes, but that is a question of distance and perspective and often very misleading.

If you are in a silent area, you can even hear them. It is very hard to judge distance and size, since you have no reference point.

I was lucky enough to witness a beautiful and large (close) example going down at night in Dartmoor in Southern England. I know roughly where it must have hit the ground, but could trace no crater of any significance.

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